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  • Holy Trinity Scapular
  • White felt, 6cm by 5cm rectangles, white cord, length 56cm
  • Two 2 images of a red and blue cross
  • Durable design to be worn daily
  • An excellent devotional item


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Holy Trinity Scapular

Holy Trinity Scapular Usage:

This scapular is designed to be worn around the neck by Catholics. This scapular [does/does not] require investiture [See investiture prayers below].

The order of the Trinitarians was approved by Pope Innocent III on January 28th, 1198. An angel appeared to Pope Innocent III, wearing a white garment on which was a cross formed of a blue horizontal bar and a red vertical bar. This garment became the habit of the Trinitarians, and eventually was the model for the scapular worn by the lay people who became members of the Confraternity of the Most Blessed Trinity.

See the promises of this scapular below!

Requirements of the wearer:

The person wearing the scapular needs to be enrolled by a Catholic Priest (formerly it had to be a member of the Trinitarians) and say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, and 3 Glory Bes each day in honour of the Holy Trinity.

Product information:

  • Image 1: A blue and red cross on white background
  • Image 2: A blue and red cross on white background
  • Stitching: White stictching
  • Size of felt: 5cm by 4cm
  • Scapular Length: 56cm
  • Scapular Weight: 3.5g

Benefits of Devotion to this Scapular:

Those enrolled in this scapular are enrolled in the confraternity of the Trinitarians and benefit from their prayers

Blessing and Investiture in this Scapular:

See the prayer below which is to be said by a Catholic Priest

Download Blessing and Investiture Prayers


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