The Church is Called to Pray for the Holy Souls

The church is divided into three parts. The Church Triumphant, which is the Saints in Heaven. The Church Militant, which are those living on Earth waging war against the world, the flesh and the devil. The Church Suffering is the Holy Souls in purgatory who are suffering while waiting to enter into heaven. The need our prayers and merits to shorten their stay in purgatory. There are many ways we can assist them, including by gaining them indulgences and praying the Holy Rosary. One is by using a prayer given to us by Blessed Pope Pius IX. He suggested that the prayer be recited before a crucifix with a contrite heart.

Pope Pius the IX declared that when this prayer is recited 5 times on a Friday, 5 souls would be released from Purgatory. If this prayer is recited Good Friday 33 souls will be released from purgatory.

Prayer of Pope Pius IX

I adore You, O Glorious Cross, which was adorned with the Heart and Body of my Saviour Jesus Christ, stained and covered with blood. I adore you, O Holy Cross, out of love for Him, Jesus, who is my Saviour and my God.