Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

When God became man at the Incarnation, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ had a real human heart. It is therefore true to say that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is God’s Heart. This Divine Heart was revealed to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in the seventeenth century. Our Blessed Lord promised many privileges to those who are devoted to His Sacred Heart. The main way to practice this devotion is by making the 9 First Fridays. This is where we are called to receive Holy Communion in Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for all the sins of the world. The following are taken from the book entitle: The Treasury of the Sacred Heart. We hope that they are of value to you in your journey to union with God in Heaven.

Morning Prayers

Prayer of St Mechtide

“When you awake in the morning,” said our Blessed Lord to St Mechtide, “let your first act be to salute my heart and offer me yours.”

I Adore, praise, and salute Thee, O most sweet Heart of Jesus, fresh and gladdening as the breath of spring, from which as from a fountain of graces, far sweeter than the honeycomb, floweth for ever all good and all delight. I give thee thanks with all the powers of my heart for having preserved me through this night, and for having rendered to God, the Father praises and thanksgiving on my behalf.

And now, O my sweet Love, I offer Thee my miserable and worthless heart as a morning sacrifice; I place it in Thy holy keeping; entreating Thee to deign to pour into it Thy divine inspirations and to enkindle it with Thy holy love. Amen

Remember, O Christian soul! that you have this day and every day of your life:

God to the Glory,

Jesus to imitate,

The Angels and saints to invoke,

A soul to save, a body to mortify,

Sins to expiate,

Virtues to acquire,

Hell to avoid,

Heaven to gain,

Eternity to prepare for,

Time to profit by,

Your neighbour to edify,

Passions to subdue,

Devils to combat,

The world to despise,

Death perhaps to encounter,

And judgement to undergo.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

When you awake, make the sign of the cross and devoutly, say!         

O My God! I adore Thee and give Thee thanks for all Thy Benefits and especially for having preserved me during the past night. I love Thee with my whole heart, and I offer to Thee whatever I shall do or suffer in the course of this day, in union with the sufferings of Jesus Christ and of Mary, and with an intention of gaining all the indulgences I am able to.

I will endeavour, by the assistance of Thy holy grace, to avoid all sin; and I beseech Thee, for the love of Jesus, to pardon me my past sins, and to grant me perseverance in virtue. I will endeavour particularly in such things as shall be contrary to my inclinations, to unite myself to Thy Blessed Will, saying: “Lord, Thy Will be done. O Jesus, extend Thy hands over me this day. Most holy Mary, protect me. Faithful Guardian, my good Angel, and you, my holy advocates, Saints in heaven, assist me.”

Prayer to offer to the Sacred Heart, all the Actions of the Day

Every day of my life belongs to Thee, o my God, and every action of my life should be performed with the pure intention of honouring Thee alone. From this moment I offer them to Thy Sacred Heart, and consecrate them without reserve to Thy glory. What a motive for performing all my actions with all possible perfection! Do not permit them, O my divine Saviour, to be sullied by any motives unworthy of Thy Sacred heart. I renounce all that could lessen the merit of my offering. I renounce all vanity, self- love and human respect. Grant , O my God, that I may begin, continue and end this day in Thy grace, and solely  from the pure motive  of pleasing and honouring Thee. Amen

Some of Our Sacred Heart Sacramentals

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