Biblical Study

Many people have been preaching that the end of the world is near for the last 200 years. Some have been very successful in this endeavor, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have made a number of false predictions about the end of the world. Catholics are often seduced by preachers preaching the end of the world. This is in part due to our lack of study and formation regarding eschatology, or the study of last things. The Church has always encouraged biblical study.

The Importance of the Scriptures in the Church

The Catholic Church is often criticized for not giving enough focus to the scriptures. The Catholic Church is seen to not take scripture literally. Nothing could be further from the truth, a famous quote, which many have seen online is: “Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ” – St. Jerome. Many Popes have written about the authority of scripture. Pope Leo XIII made the following remark in his encyclical Providentissimus Deus: “being written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they have God for their author and as such have been delivered to the Church.”

Pope Benedict XV in his encyclical Spiritus Paraclitus quoting St Jerome, says:

“Holy Scripture is invested with supreme authority by reason of its sure and momentous teachings regarding the faith. Whatever, then, it tells us of Enoch, Elias and Moses – that we believe. We do not, for instance, believe that God’s Son was born of the Virgin Mary simply because He could not otherwise have appeared in the flesh and ‘walked amongst men’ – as Faustus would have it – but we believe it simply because it is written in Scripture; and unless we believe in Scripture we can neither be Christians nor be saved.”

Luke21Radio – a Great Biblical Study Resource

Steve Wood – a Catholic layman has put together a great set of podcasts for biblical study. These podcasts are focused on biblical prophecy in the tradition of St Augustine.