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  • Saint Michael Scapular
  • Blue and black felt, 6cm by 5cm shield shaped one blue and one black cord. Length 55cm
  • An image of St Michael the Archangel on each shield
  • Durable design to be worn daily
  • An excellent devotional item


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Saint Michael Scapular

Saint Michael Scapular Usage:

This scapular is designed to be worn around the neck by Catholics. This scapular does require investiture. See investiture prayers below.

The Holy Father. Leo XIII approved the Confraternity of the Scapular of St. Michael, founded in Rome on August 30, 1878.

See the promises of this scapular below!

Saint Michael Scapular Product information:

  • Image 1: Saint Michael the Archangel “QUIS UT DEUS”
  • Image 2: Saint Michael the Archangel “QUIS UT DEUS”
  • Stitching: Blue and black thread stitching
  • Size of felt: 6cm by 5cm
  • Scapular Length: 55cm
  • Scapular Weight: 3.7g

Promises of Devotion to Saint Michael Scapular:

  1. The freedom, the protection and development of the holy Church;
  2. The grace of a good confession for oneself and others; the strength in the fight against addiction and vices; defence against heresies, errors and false teachings; cessation of profanity, blasphemy and of offenses; and the conversion of all sinners;
  3. The spirit of gentleness and humility of heart and increase of faith, hope and love;
  4. Affirmation of the Kingdom of God in the world through the powerful intercession of Our Lady Queen of Angels and of the holy angels;
  5. The deliverance of souls from purgatory by the prayers and obtaining of indulgences;
  6. The grace of a good and saintly death.

Requirements of Devotion to this Scapular:

  1. Accept the scapular from the hands of an authorized priest or deacon;
  2. Carry it with you or keep it in a dedicated space;
  3. Recite daily the simple exorcism of Pope Leo XIII;
  4. Make an act of consecration to St Michael on one Tuesday of the month during communal devotion or individually.
  5. Give honour to your Choir of Angels in the month dedicated to them.

Blessing and Investiture in this Scapular:

A PDF version of the prayers of investiture to the this Scapular is available by clicking the button below.

Download Blessing and Investiture Prayers


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